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Wines at Bodega Séptima

We make top-quality wines with grapes harvested in our Finca Emblema, located in Agrelo, and in the best areas of the Uco Valley, in the province of Mendoza.

Quality, innovation, experience passed on by the Raventós Codorníu family and a deep respect for the terroir are the cornerstones that consolidate us as great wine makers.

Our wines are innovative and authentic representatives of our land.

We are creative but respect our history and heritage from quality wine producers.

We make modern, sober, genuine, fine wines of high quality sustained over time, in which the terroir can be perceived.

We make mountain wines because we are in the mountain.

Because we are part of the mountain.


Séptima Gran Malbec

The highest expression of our philosophy in the New World, with over 450 years of heritage.


Séptima 10 Barricas Gran Reserva

A selection of the 10 best barrels that make up Séptima Gran Reserva & exceptional vines and vintages.


Séptima Lote Especial

The selection of superb plots and unique expressions.


Séptima Gran Reserva

Alchemy wine. The only blend of the winery that defines our style.

Séptima Tierra

We seek to express the DNA of the terroir along with the imprint and style of Bodega Séptima.



Disruptive, innovative wines that are the result of our experimentation.


Séptima Obra

World Class Reserva. Caring, making and ageing processes in function of each grape and vintage.


New World’s emblem wines. The best winegrowing areas.